Government of Canada

CEMWorks Wins Phase I of the “Connected Vehicles” Challenge from the Canadian Government

On August 31, 2018, the Canadian government announced an investment in CEMWorks Inc. through Innovative Solutions Canada program.

CEMWorks Inc. proposed a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation platform as an answer to the “Connected Vehicles” challenge. This solution will enable large-scale accurate simulations of smart vehicles equipped with frequency selective engineered surfaces (FSES). Currently, such simulations present a major computational challenge to the existing commercial solvers. An ability to perform accurate modeling of FSES-equipped vehicles in smart cities covered by 5G networks is crucial for the cities of tomorrow.

CEMWorks proposed solution is based on a trade-secret electromagnetic solver technology and will make possible accurate simulations at such large scale using cloud-based computations. During Phase I, we are developing a platform prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of our approach and plan to compete for $1M for the next stage.