Emerald Cloud Electromagnetic (EM) simulation platform

CEMWorks’ cloud-based EM simulation solution for accurate and fast analysis to help innovators tackle the most challenging electronic design projects!

Electronics Design - Emerald Cloud

Emerald is the cutting-edge high-accuracy 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software for electronic design – from mmWave antennas to interconnects, filters, and boards.

  • Improved Design Process

    Emerald helps you design innovative electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. Time to the simulation results is significantly quicker than leading competitors’ tools. Proprietary full-wave 3D EM simulator based on next-generation adaptive integral-equation solvers.

  • Reduced Product Failure

    CEMWorks' unmatched electromagnetic simulation software improves designs' first-pass success and reduces product failure. Innovative user interface that enhances engineering productivity.

  • Software Integration

    Support database import from leading layout tools via ODB++ and other formats.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced capabilities to analyze the results of your simulations and compare them with other results.


Emerald Cloud provides the flexibility and support for your most complex projects in a secure and encrypted environment, to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

  • Advanced Security

    Cloud-based tools run in a protected encrypted environment. Your data is protected by industry leading 3rd-party encryption keys that you manage

  • Scalability

    Get exactly the options you need for a single user or a whole team. With Emerald Cloud, you will have the flexibility to scale your plan based on your project needs.

  • New Releases (upgrades)

    With Emerald Cloud, you get the latest version of the tool, including all new features as they are released.

  • Ready to Use

    The two-step registration process gets you online and simulating faster. Once registered, you can intuitively run your simulations and customize and download your results.

  • Cost Savings and Predictability

    With Emerald Cloud, you only pay for the time and features you need to complete your project.

Join The Innovator Project!

Innovators, we want to make an EM tool to meet your needs! 

The benefits of joining TIP include:

  • Free Full Access to EMERALD Cloud

    Use Emerald Cloud for 30 days without any usage charges.

  • Full Expert Support

    Our experts will help you learn Emerald Cloud and work with you to ensure you have a satisfactory experience!

  • Relevant Feedback

    Your feedback will be used to improve future versions of Emerald Cloud.

 The registration process is simple
Step 1: Complete the new user registration form.
Step 2: Activate your account using the username, a temporary password, and the Emerald Cloud URL sent via email.  

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