CEMWorks Advances to Second Phase of Innovated Solutions Canada Program

July 10, 2019, marks a special accomplishment for CEMWorks. Today, it was announced that our company successfully proceeded toward the second phase of the Innovated Solutions Canada Program

Last year, the CEMWorks team was excited to work on the first phase of the project devoted to the design of connected vehicles inside smart cities. At the end of the first phase, we developed a proof-of-concept electromagnetic simulation tool that was able to simulate a vehicle in a city block with integrated frequency-selective engineered surfaces. The preliminary simulation results and project findings were submitted to Innovative Solutions Canada, as well as the application for the second phase. 

CEMWorks is very proud to be the first Canadian company to reach the second phase of the Innovative Solutions Canada Program

The announced investment of up to $1 million in CEMWorks over the next two years will aid CEMWorks in improving our solution for the simulation of connected vehicles. We hope to bring new levels of speed and accuracy for such large-scale simulations by using out unique trade-secret technologies. CEMWorks’ team strongly believes that such tools are the key to the design of safe and efficient smart cities of the future.